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About I-Immigrate

Our U.S. Immigration Expert’s Department provides top-of-the-line service when the goal is to assist you with having an effective process of immigration to the United States. Our focus is upon our clients and identifying the very best solutions which will meet their individual needs by moving to the USA. Whether clients need assistance with complex family-based visa petitions and waivers, Participations in the Green Card programs, or other immigration law concerns, we have the in-depth experience required. We are proud of our reputation for obtaining the results our clients need in order to meet their personal and professional goals

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Once the services are hired, we begin the selected process with you until you will get the permanent residency depending on the plan you have chosen

We give you the immigration solutions that are right for your status including assessing the chances of each immigration solution

We review your status from different angles, then evaluate your position with the US immigration authorities

To Understand Your Options Get Consultation And Hire Our Services​